Welcome to the website of the joint project APOC

The BMBF-funded collaborative project APOC started in April 2021 and bundles the expertise of four scientific institutions and a non-governmental organization to study anthropogenic impacts on the carbon sequestration in sediments of the North Sea.

Whether it is research trips, annual meetings of the collaborative partners or reports on participation in conferences. Whether it is scientific publications, fact checks or our twice-yearly newsletter: here you will find all relevant news about our project at a glance.

Two successful research cruises to the main study areas Skagerrak and Helgoland mudflats took place within the framework of the APOC joint project to collect sample material. Learn more about the procedures of such a cruise using the example of ALKOR cruise AL561.

With our twice-yearly newsletter, we report on progress in the project, provide an overview of current research results and give an update on changes in marine policy. Dive into the current issue from December 2022.

How much CO2 does the ocean absorb? What does fish excrement have to do with our climate? And what role do we humans play in all this? We dive into the fascinating connections between the largest habitat on earth and our climate system.



2nd APOC Project Meeting

1 - 2 September 2022

Collaboration partners