"Blue Carbon" Expert Briefing

28. June 2023, European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium

What Can Blue Carbon Contribute to Climate Action and Nature Protection?

Dr. Jannis Kuhlmann, Dr. Bettina Taylor

A core aspect in project APOC is the transfer work - we want to increase the exchange between scientific research and political actors. To this end, the BUND, in close cooperation with NGO partners, organized an expert briefing on the subject of "Blue Carbon" on June 28th in the EU Parliament in Brussels. Under the auspices of Members of Parliament Catherine Chabaud (RENEW), Grace O'Sullivan (the greens) and João Albuquerque (S&D), we invited international experts to discuss the contribution of coastal ecosystems, fish and sediments to carbon storage and their relevance at EU and UN level. Among them were Dr. Bettina Taylor (BUND) and Dr. Wenyan Zhang (hereon) from the APOC team, who reported on first research results from the North Sea, the influence of human pressures on the storage capacities seafloor sediments and the synergies between marine and climate protection. Both received support from the APOC team by Dr. Moritz Holtappels (AWI), Dr. Jannis Kuhlmann (BUND) and Dr. Lucas Porz (hereon).