Recommendations for (inter)national socio-political action plans


The sub-project “Open Mic” places research in the context of existing policy legislation, commitments and activities at national, regional and EU level. It serves as a link between scientific and socio-political realities. Knowledge transfer hence takes place in both directions.

For one, this allows research projects WP1-WP3 to act in the concrete context of current marine environmental policy, to formulate politically relevant questions and to work towards answering them. For another, research results are used to develop future scenarios and create scientifically sound guidelines and recommendations for political decision-makers.

The aim is to preserve the capacity of the North Sea as a carbon sink. In order to increase short-, medium- and long-term perspectives for management plans and other political measures, scientific results are discussed with relevant stakeholders early in the development process. At the same time, the topic is prepared for the public and communicated via various formats.

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