Temporal evolution and variability of POC embedding and distribution

(Hereon, Uni HH, BUND)

In WP3 we will simulate current, past and future POC cycling for the Northwest European Shelf and identify human pressures affecting turnover and burial of POC in the North Sea. First, based on sensitivity experiments and hindcast simulations of the past decades, influences of different use, protection and management scenarios with respect to sequestration, transport and deposition of POC will be investigated, taking into account the marine ecosystem structure including higher trophic level of the pelagic and benthic ecosystem. With these results we will assess the carbon stocks in biota and aggregates and quantify the burial rates of POC in marine sediments. Forecast simulations will be conducted to investigate how the POC storage capacity can be maintained and strengthened by improved management practices. The analysis of the simulations will significantly deepen our understanding about the combined impacts of global climate change and direct human intervention on the CO2 uptake by the North Sea.

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